Void in 2024

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been quite a challenging year for Void0Media. Earlier in the year, I lost my newsletter list and was forced to start from scratch. I attempted to gather as many emails as possible from my personal emails, but I lost over half of them due to a bug in the underlying blogging software. This bug has been fixed.

As a result, many of you would have seen that I stopped sending out 'Weekly Digests'. I had completed sixty-three (63) 'Weekly Digests' which equates to a little over a year of weekly emails. I was proud of what I had accomplished during that period. Unfortunately, my streak was lost during the bug, along with my subscriber list. As a result, I could not bring myself to continue with Void0.

However, it was a freak accident, which ultimately was not any person's or software's fault; stuff happened.

I spent the last month thinking about whether or not I should fully retire from Void0Media, as I have another project which will be officially retired this year. But after thinking about it some more. I have decided I didn't want Void0Media to end due to a random bug.

So, I'll be giving Void0Media another eighteen (18) months.

The Plan

I don't have a proper game plan for the next phase of Void0Media. I do have a few ideas I'll be implementing starting this weekend.

I'll be restarting the Weekly Digest newsletter. Its branding will remain the same for the time being, but it will be updated over the next phase.

The YouTube channels will receive new content, but this time, the content will be spaced out quite a bit. Scripts will typically be researched and rewritten here on the Void0Media site first and then converted into a video format once I get time.

As with anything, I would like Void0Media to be able to be self-sustaining - financially, eventually. I now have a Patreon for the Void0Media YouTube channel, but a simple merch store will become available later this year.

Readership and reader engagement will keep Void0Media afloat after the following eighteen (18) months; I won't go into specifics now.

Closing Thoughts

I know this is is not the best news to hear about a publication you have chosen to subscribe to. However, I am doing my best to be as transparent as possible with the behind-the-scenes work that goes into Void0Media.

Thank you for your continued readership, and I look forward to the journey we will all be partaking in over the next eighteen (18) months.

The Void Called, and You Answered.