Elden Ring Developers announce a new Game, and new details for Final Fantasy XVI, Nintendo had their best Direct in a long while!

Nintendo stole the week with their massively popular third-party direct with big new releases and even more announcements. FromSoftware teases their new game and Final Fantasy's producer speaks about developments regarding FFXVI's Battle System.

Nintendo stole the week with their massively popular third-party direct with big new releases and even more announcements. FromSoftware teases their new game and Final Fantasy's producer speaks about developments regarding FFXVI's Battle System.

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  1. FromSoftware has two new games in development - After the runaway success of Elden Ring, the director of the game - Hidetaka Miyazaki - has stated that a new game directed by himself is already in development. The previously unannounced title from his 2018 interview following Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is in the final stages of development and should get a release soon. FromSoftware is also expanding its teams in Japan as well. (Source)
  2. Final Fantasy XVI elaborates on the game's action-oriented battle system - Producer Naoki Yoshida, spoke to GamesRader+ where he explained why FFXVI is moving to an action-based battle system, which has been compared to Devil May Cry 5's battle system. He felt as though the photorealism that is presented by FFXVI does not lend itself well to the turn-based gameplay. He refers to it as a 'gap' between presentation and gameplay. He further elaborated that this is in design to lure in a new generation of players who may not have grown up on turn-based games. The source interview has some more information about other aspects of Square Enix, and Creative Business Unit 3's decisions. (Source)
  3. Star Ocean: The Divine Force gets a release date - The game will be released on the 27th of October, 2022.  (Source)
  4. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope's presentation - Ubisoft showed off their Mario +  Rabbids game in a new presentation which showed off new gameplay mechanics, and explored a bit more of what players might hope to experience when in-game. The game is set for release on the 20th of October, 2022. (Source)

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Nintendo had their Direct: Mini showcase this week on the 28th of June 2022. They showed off games from their publishing partners.

  1. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - A new video showing off more monsters, some more gameplay footage, and teases a few new things to come in Sunbreak. They also tease Seething Bazelgeuse which is headed to the game in August 2022.
  2. NieR: Automata: The End of Yorha Edition - This version of the game will feature all previously released DLC as well as new modes, and new outfits exclusive to Nintendo Switch. It is due for release on the 6th of October, 2022.
  3. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - A puzzle-based adventure game that sees you attempting to solve a mystery with an art direction that takes on a surreal look, with inspiration from old PlayStation 1-era graphics. The game is due out in 2023.
  4. Super Bomberman R 2 - This will release in 2023. It will feature a new castle mode, where one player sets traps to block the opposing players from bombing and gaining their treasure.
  5. Megaman Battle Network: Legacy Collection - All 10 games will be a part of the collection for the Nintendo Switch. It will feature a 1000+ piece art gallery as well as a music player with the OST from across the games. The game will release in 2023, with digital versions being split into two.
  6. Pac-Man World: Re-Pac - A remake of Pac-Man World which sees Pacman trying to save his family. A full 3D platformer which features several modes of gameplay.
  7. Blanc - A story about two animals trying to survive a cold winter landscape. The game will feature no dialogue, and the story will be told through action. Set for release in February 2023.
  8. Return to Monkey Island - A new gameplay trailer was shown off, where it seems the game is mostly complete. The game is going for a unique craft-like 2D art style. The game will release in 2022.
  9. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope - Set for release 20th, of October 2022. The trailer showed off new gameplay mechanics, like the ability to move freely inside your character's range, which is a departure from the grid-like movement of the first game. They also showed off Bowser.
  10. Little Noah: Scion OF Paradise - An action-oriented side-scrolling dungeon crawling rouge-lite game with a charming art style. Released the same day.
  11. Railgrade - A rail road management sim where you undertake the task of developing infrastructure for a colony.
  12. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright - A charming game set in a child's notebook, use the power of drawing and erasing to solve puzzles and see the story to the end. Due out 18th August 2022.
  13. Sonic: Frontiers - a new gameplay trailer showing off more combat and more environments across different styles. It is available this holiday.
  14. Disney Dreamlight Valley – A life simulation adventure game which sees you perform tasks and aid iconic Disney and Pixar characters in reclaiming their home from evil. Available 6th of September, 2022 as an early access title.
  15. Live a Live - The HD-2D remake of Live a Live, is set for release on 22nd July 2022. A demo with the first three chapters will be made available the same day.
  16. Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom - A beautiful watercolour Story of Seasons game which will feature Doraemon once again. The game will feature much of the same farming simulation from the original game, while also providing new features such as local multiplayer and more all packed beautifully. It releases this year.
  17. Minecraft Legends - A new gameplay trailer which shows off more of the game which was revealed a few months ago.
  18. Dragon Quest Treasures - A spinoff of Dragon Quest, which mixes open-world monster collecting with loot collecting and exploration. It launches 9th of December, 2022.
  19. Portal Companion Collection - The cult hit made its way to Switch on the same day.
  20. Harvestella - A new farming and life simulation game from Square Enix. With an aesthetic reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIV. The game will feature a rolling season and dungeon crawling, and the trailer implies you will find monsters and animals you can befriend. The game also features a deep story as you attempt to fight against the season of death. The game is set to release on the 4th of September 2022.
  21. Persona 5 Royal - Will release on 21st October 2022.
  22. Person 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable will also get a release on the Nintendo Switch. These games are marked only as coming soon.

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