Silent Hill Returns, The Sims 5 Announced, Razer targets Switch, new Mortal Kombat Game, Microsoft prepares to take on Google & Apple!

Microsoft has indicated that they will be taking on Google Play Store and Apple's App store. The Sims 5 gets a new set of screenshots, Mortal Kombat goes Mobile, Razer has Nintendo in its sights, and Konami has a huge array of Silent Hill Projects!

A whole week as Microsoft has indicated that they will be taking on Google Play Store and Apple's App store. The Sims 5 gets a new set of screenshots, Mortal Kombat goes Mobile, Razer has Nintendo in its sights, and Konami has a vast array of Silent Hill Projects!

🕹️ The Console War Rages On

  1. Splinter Cell remake loses its director - The first mainline Splinter Cell game in a decade has lost its director. David Grivel, who worked for Ubisoft for eleven years, stated, "it was time for him to go on a new adventure". He has previously worked on Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Far Cry 4, 5 and 6. (Source)
  2. PC accessory and computer manufacturer Razer has announced a new handheld gaming system - The announcement came in the form of a YouTube trailer. The system is based on an Android Tablet with a joy-con-like peripheral attached to the sides. It is powered by a Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 with a 144hz AMOLED display. The system is currently in pre-order mode. You will be required to "reserve" a unit. (Source)
  3. The Sims next-generation game has been announced - The Sims "Project Rene" has been revealed. This new iteration of Sims will be cross-platform, which is easy to communicate, share and play across devices, with the game said to offer the same experience across different devices. It was noted that the game is still in very early development. (Source)
  4. DualSense Edge wireless controller has been announced - Sony's answer to Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller. Pre-orders will launch 25th of October, 2022. The package will have multiple hardware and software customizations, with different keycaps, high dome, low dome, half dome caps, and a carrying case. The unit will retail for recommended retail price (RRP) of $199.99 USD/¥29,980 (including tax)/€239.99/£209.99. (Source)
  5. Mortal Kombat Onslaught has been announced - Mortal Kombat Onslaught is a collection-based role-playing game launching in 2023 for the mobile platform. The game is being developed by NetherRealm Studios and will feature a "cinematic story experience". The game sees you collecting fighters and putting together a team in real-time group battles. The game is set for a 2023 release window. (Source)
  6. Digimon World: Next Order for Japanese Switch release in 2023 - The game is set for release on the 22nd of February, 2023. This game is a port of the original game launched for the PS Vita on the 17th of March, 2017. The game will feature a new "beginner" and "run" mode for players. (Source)
  7. Microsoft is working on the Xbox Store - During the CMA's investigation of the 68.7 billion USD acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, documentation has indicated that Microsoft is working on an Xbox Store for their Xbox Mobile Platform. The acquisition intends to use Activision-Blizzard properties to force users to use the Xbox Store rather than the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. (Source)
  8. Final Fantasy XVI has dropped a new trailer showcasing more of the FFXVI world - The trailer shows off more characters, eikons, and in-game battles. The game is still set for a Summer 2023 release. (Source)

✨ Going to Events Spiritually

  1. Xbox Game Pass gets Persona 5 Royal, Gunfire Reborn, Phantom Abyss, and More.

Konami had their Silent Hill Showcase this week. It features remakes, new games, and a movie.

  1. They announced a remake of Silent Hill 2. The remake will retell the second game's story with some team members from the original studio. The remake is set for the PS5 and is being developed by Bloober Team.
  2. Silent Hill: Townfall is a new spinoff by No Code Studios and publisher Annapurna Interactive. It is said this will be a unique take on the franchise.
  3. Silent Hill f is a new spinoff set in 1960s Japan. The game will be a narrative-driven experience written by the acclaimed Japanese writer, Ryukishi07. Best known for their visual novels like Higurashi.
  4. Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive project where participants worldwide will control the characters in a new Silent Hill Story. Silent Hill: Ascension is a collaboration between Genvid Entertainment, Bad Robot Games, Behaviour Interactive, and dj2 Entertainment.
  5. Return to Silent Hill, the third movie in the film franchise, will see the return of Christophe Gans, the first movie's director. Konami has promised more information about the project at a later date.

🎮 Where's My Controller?

  1. I picked up Megaman 11 last week since it was on sale, and this has to be one of the best modern Megaman games out there. I am pretty much nearing the end. But this has my renewed interest in more games. Honestly, the mechanics were so simply fluid and smooth. It just felt so fun to jump 'n shoot.

📝I don't know what a pen looks like.

  1. I finally uploaded the video version of my Blue Reflection piece. The video is 16 minutes long, but if you haven't gotten time to read my Blue Reflection piece, check out the video review on YouTube.
  2. I am having a bit of trouble finishing my other articles, but I'll see what I can get done over the next couple of weeks.

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