Gran Theft Auto VI has been leaked, Uber Security claims GTA VI leakers also hacked Uber, Nvidia's new 4090 & 4080 launches, and EA & Marvel gear up for collaboration!

Leaks coming from inside Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, and even 2K. Uber Security claims the same team that hacked Rockstar Games also hacked several other tech giants. EA & Marvel team up for several new games.

A massive set of leaks have hit the internet, with leaks coming from inside Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, and even 2K. Uber Security claims the same team that hacked Rockstar Games also hacked several other tech giants. Microsoft allows users to play games without online DRM if they own the Disc with the new recent update. EA & Marvel team up for several new games.

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  1. Gran Theft Auto VI has been leaked - A poster on the GTAForums has leaked over 90 videos. The footage was shown in the development footage of GTA6. The footage seemingly confirms reports and rumours around the main story and setting of GTA6. The leaker also claimed to have a test build and source code for GTA 5 and 6. The leaker has claimed they are looking to "negotiate a deal" with Take-Two and Rockstar for the source code and footage. (Source)
  2. Rockstar responds to the leak - In a Twitter message, Rockstar confirms that there was an unauthorized, illegal intrusion into their servers, which allowed the intruder to acquire multiple pieces of confidential information, including but not limited to development footage of Gran Theft Auto. Rockstar has indicated that it will not affect the ongoing development of GTA and other projects. (Source)
  3. Uber claims the Rockstar hackers also hacked Uber, among other tech companies -  A new security report by Uber Security which details the recent attack on Uber, points to a group, Lapsus$, as the culprits. The group used similar techniques to target multiple companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta. They indicated that according to reports, the same group were responsible for the leaks from Rockstar. Uber has shared that they've communicated with the FBI and the US Department of Justice on this matter. (Source)
  4. Diablo IV has leaked - Another leak has taken place. This time it seems to be an unintentional leak. Reddit user iVrus0 discovered two videos, one at 5 minutes and another at 38 minutes, which show off gameplay from the "Private Test Build" demo. The footage also contains an ID which can be used for identification internally. According to the report, it could be released to the 'family and friends' alpha test, which has been going on. (Source)
  5. 2K has been hacked - In a Twitter message, 2K announced that their help desk was compromised by an unauthorized third party who proceeded to send out valid-looking emails to certain players containing malicious links, ultimately compromising their accounts. 2K has since pulled their support desk software offline and will update it when they have addressed the matter. (Source)
  6. Microsoft now allows physical discs to be played without an internet connection. In a new update for the Xbox DRM, Microsoft has removed several checks for disc games that you own, allowing you to play disc-based games offline without a review on the internet. Although they did mention that for the best experience, you will still need to download updates should there be updates available. (Source)
  7. Nvidia released the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 - Nvidia went over their three new top-of-the-line graphics cards. The RTX 4090, RTX 4080 (16G), and the RTX 4080 (12G). The cards are due out in November 2022. The 4090's MSRP is set at 1600 US. While the 4080 16G will be 1200 US, and the 4080 12G will be 1000 US. According to Nvidia's benchmarks, the RTX 4090 is 2x faster than the 3090 Ti in standard 3D game rendering. While the ray tracing components get upwards of a 4x improvement using Nvidia's new DLSS 3. (Source)
  8. EA Motive announces new Iron Man game - EA Motive, who previously stated that they are working with Marvel on several projects, has officially announced that the studio will be working on a new Iron Man game. This is just an announcement, and the game is still far out. The studio is currently working on the Dead Space remaster. (Source)

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  1. New games are coming this month to Xbox Game Pass: Deathloop, Slime Rancher 2, Valheim, Grounded's Full Release, and More.

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  1. I continued playing Xenoblade Chronicles this week. I only got maybe three more hours in for the whole week. I'm probably nearing the mid-point of the game.

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