UK Issues Concerns over Microsoft Acquisitions, Denuvo Responds, Embracer completes Acquisitions, and Sony & Tencet takes stake in Elden Ringer Developer!

UK expressed concern over Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Denuvo tries to put out fires, Embracer Group completes acquisition of Tomb Raider developers, and Nintendo remarks, "No Price Increase".

A packed week today sees a huge swat of issues, UK expressed concern over Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Denuvo tries to put out fires, Embracer Group completes acquisition of Tomb Raider developers, and Nintendo remarks, "No Price Increase".

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  1. Denuvo has clarified specific criticisms aimed at the company after their announcement - In a report by Kotaku, Denuvo representatives responded to claims of reduced performance and always online DRM checks. The spokesperson stated that they designed the newest iteration of the piracy-delaying software with the Switch's limited online connectivity online. The DRM is entirely offline, and the company claims there will be no performance hit. The spokesperson also stated that multiple third-party switch developers requested the software. (Source)
  2. Nintendo has stated, "No Price Increase" - Following Sony's price increase of the PS5, investors asked Nintendo if there would be a Switch price increase due to global shortages and inflation. Nintendo reported no plans to increase the Switch price due to either issue. (Source)
  3. Embracer Group has completed new acquisitions - In a tweet by the official account of Embracer, they have confirmed the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal & the soon-to-be-renamed Square Enix Montreal. These studios will be under the 12th operative group led by Phil Rogers. (Source)
  4. Sony has acquired mobile game developers Savage Games Studios - In a press release on the official PlayStation blog, Sony has announced that they have acquired Savage Game Studios. This new mobile studio will work with Sony to bring their IPs to the mobile platforms. Sony reiterated that this would not hamper their efforts on the PlayStation. (Source)
  5. Sony and Tencent have acquired a minority stake in FromSoftware - Both companies will get shares via a third-party allotment. Once the transaction is complete, FromSoftware's parent company Kadokawa Corp will receive 263 Million USD, with Tencent Holdings Ltd holding 16.25% and Sony Group Corp holding 14.09%. Kadokawa Corp will retain 69.66%. (Source)
  6. The UK has expressed concerns over Mircosoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard - The Competition And Markets Authority in the UK has been hard at work investigating the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. They noted that at the end of their Phase 1 investigation, they were concerned about Microsoft's control over Call of Duty & World of Warcraft and Microsoft's ability post-acquisition to harm rivals in multi-game subscription services and cloud gaming. The CMA continued in their report to note that Microsoft has a major console, Xbox, a leading cloud platform, Azure, and the top PC operation system, Windows. While Microsoft president and vice chair Brad Smith has stated that they are ready and willing to work with the CMA to ensure concerns are addressed. Brad Smith made mention of Sony's concern that Call of Duty will be an Xbox exclusive by stating that they wanted people to have more access to games, not less. The CMA has stated that they will be moving into a deeper Phase 2 investigation if their concerns are not adequately addressed. (Source)

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  1. Xbox games with Gold get new games. It got Gods will fall, Thrillville, Double Kick Heroes, and Portal 2.
  2. Playstation Plus gets Need for Speed: Heat, Granblue Fantasy: Verses, Toem and more available in the Plus Extra & Premium tiers such as Deathloop, Watch Dogs, Assassin Creed, Dragon Ball and the like.

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