Embracer Group now owns Lord of the Rings, Nintendo Of America hit will allegations, and Fortnite Shows off Dragon Ball!

A bit of a wavy week as new players enter the game, The Last Airbender has been spotted on Amazon Japan, Fornite drops a massive Dragon Ball patch, and Disney Announces a games showcase!

A bit of a wavy week as new players enter the game; the Last Airbender has been spotted on Amazon Japan, Fornite drops a massive Dragon Ball patch, and Disney Announces games showcase!

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🕹️ The Console War Rages On

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Quest for Balance has been spotted on Amazon Japan - Amazon Japan has listed Avatar: The Last Airbender's new game, set to be published by GameMill, for the 8th of November 2022 release date. It has been suggested that this is a placeholder date. (Source)
  2. Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed into 2023 - The game has been delayed into 2023 with a new tentative release date of the 10th of February 2022. It will launch for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The Switch version will come at a later date. (Source)
  3. Disney & Marvel to have Games Showcase - Disney has announced that they will have the presentation Live from D3, the Disney Convention. The showcase is set for the 9th of September 2022 at 1 PM PT. Source)
  4. Fortnite shows off a new array of Dragon Ball-inspired content - After teasing the collaboration last week, Epic has shown off all the new content associated with the update. From skins to mounts to hidden secrets on the map. There will also be a Dragon Ball Super watching party where multiple episodes will be shown in-game. Here is a lot of extra stuff as well. Source)
  5. Nintendo of America has been hit with workplace allegations - Multiple individuals have spoken out against Nintendo of America concerning workplace harassment, inappropriate sexual advances and conduct, and stalking, just to be brief. Most of the allegations have come from part-time or sub-contracted employees employed through the staffing company Aerotek. Multiple employees brought up the issues with Aerotek, who, according to the employees, did not take action. Intentionally left out details from this report. If you wish to view the entire array of claims and statements, please view the information over at Kotaku. Please use this as a trigger warning. Source)
  6. Embracer Group now Owns The Lord of Rings IP - Embracer Group has issued a considerable array of press releases indicating sweeping acquisitions. Among these are Middle-Earth Enterprises - The owners of the Lord of The Rings franchise. They also purchased Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive - best known for Killing Floor - and several studios specialising in different types of tech. Tuxedo Labs is a Swedish studio specialising in tech-drive games such as Teardown. Singtrix, who creates vocal processing effect technology for karaoke, gaming and equipment. Gioteck is a gaming accessory brand. They have also acquired Tatsujin, which is their first studio in Japan. I  was founded by shoot 'em up studio Toaplan's Co-founder. There are also undisclosed studios still in the approval phase. (Source)

✨ Going to Events Spiritually

  1. Xbox Game Pass has been updated: Immortality, Tinykin, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and More.
  2. Nintendo Switch Online gets Wave Rider 64. (Source)

🎮 Where's My Controller?

  1. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has captivated my time for the past week and a half. I've been enjoying it way more than every review said I would. Then again, I've been playing Story of Seasons since its first release, known initially as Harvest Moon for the SNES.

🎵 Turn it up to 11!

  1. It has been quite a while since I've recommended some good music to you. So, next week you'll get one.

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  1. I have three pieces currently being written. One of which is based on my experience with Yakuza 0. This isn't a game review, but instead, there was something I noticed as I brought the game to a close that I would like to share.
  2. The underlying platform (Ghost) that I use on Void0Media.com received extensive updates. The theme I use for the site is in dire need of upgrades.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have not spent much or any time in the last few months regarding the Void0 YouTube channel. Over the next few months, I want to create some new videos for the channel.

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