Elden Ring Multiplayer Exploited, Fortnite loses its ability to build in-game, The Witcher 4 announced with Epic Games Collaboration!

Square Enix had a lot to say about Bablyon's Fall, Elden Ring's players were greeted with a multiplayer exploit that threw them in a death loop, CDProjeckRed teases the Witcher 4 on (potentially a custom) Unreal Engine 5. Fortnite loses its identity, Sony continues acquisitions, and much more.

Square Enix had a lot to say about Bablyon's Fall, Elden Ring's players were greeted with a multiplayer exploit that threw them in a death loop, CDProjeckRed teases the Witcher 4 on (potentially a custom) Unreal Engine 5. Fortnite loses its identity,  Sony continues acquisitions, and much more.

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🕹️ The Console War Rages On

  1. Square Enix clarifies its stand on Babylon's Fall. They stated that, "there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon's Fall". A welcomed statement for fans of the game. Square Enix goes into more details on their homepage as Version 1.1.0 is now available. (Source)
  2. According to Hogwarts Legacy's FAQ page the game is set for release on the Nintendo Switch. Fans and onlookers seem to be confused as the game's scale isn't something that lends itself to the Switch as the game is also releasing for the PS5 and Series X.  (Source)
  3. According to twitter user @EldenRingUpdate, an exploit has been discovered in the multiplayer PC version of the game where hackers can corrupt your save data while you're being invaded (in-game term). This causes a game crash and when you relaunch the game you will be in a state of an infinite fall and death loop. Reddit users also found a temporary inconsistent work-around until it gets patched. UPDATE: The bug has been fixed in Patch 1.03.2 (Twitter Thread, Reddit Thread, Patch Notes)
  4. Triangle Strategy, Square Enix's new turn-based tactical RPG, has sold over eight hundred thousand units according to producer Tomoya Asano. The game sold 200,000 units in Japan and Asia, with the rest coming from the world wide release. (Source)
  5. Fornite has removed the building mechanic from its primary game mode. This update also sees new movement mechanics added to the game. There seems to be an in-game lore reason why it has been removed. Its quite a departure from what helped Fortnite stand out in the beginning. (Source)
  6. Sony has acquired Haven Studios. Haven Studios were previously working with Sony on an undisclosed game, however Sony decided to snap up the studio without the studio actually releasing anything. The blog claims that the studio is working on an "ambitious project ... developing a new, original IP for Playstation". Jade Raymond, Heaven Studios head, discuses the acquisition with gamesindustry.biz in an interview. (Source, gamesindustry.biz interview)
  7. CDProjekRed has announced the new Witcher series of games, this time they will be moving away from their in-house REDengine towards Unreal Engine 5, in a new partnership with Epic Games. No additional details were given. (Source)
  8. Insiders have noted that french publisher Ubisoft has their eyes set on a games showcase soon. The event is scheduled to go ahead before E3 this year. The report indicates that Ubisoft has upwards of 20 titles to show case at this event. (Source)
  9. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a new multiplayer asymmetric 4v1 game where you can take the role of the GhostBusters or the Ghosts themselves. The trailer dropped without warning. (Source)
  10. Nintendo Switch released its version 14.0 software version bringing support for groups of software on the console. This allows users to press L and create groups and add new games to each group for ease of access. A welcome change to the Switch. Additional updates were included for Bluetooth Audio devices. (Source, How-to Guide)
  11. AMD showed off how their new FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 will work during their show at GDC 2022. AMD says it will fully support Xbox. Meaning Xbox games will be able to make use of FSR 2 on the Xbox. AMD also announced several AMD GPUs as well as nVidia GPUs that FSR will work with. There is certainly some magic going on with this particular library, and AMD noted that it you will still need a higher performance GPU for much larger up-scaling. The company admits  lower-end GPUs such as RX 6500XT and GTX 1070, the algorithm will take longer to run. (Source)
  12. New FIFA game rumored to be called EA Sports Football Call, as reported by PCGamesN. This information comes from an industry insider. (Source)
Example of Groups being used on Nintendo Switch
A slide from AMD FSR 2.0 reveal.

✨ Going to Events Spiritually

  1. Huge sales going on over at Nintendo & PlayStations & Xbox stores respectively. (Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox)
  2. The Game Developers Conference happened this week, 21st March to 25th March, 2022. (Source) Their YouTube was also updated to include the winners of the Game Developers Choice Awards. Inscryption took home Game of the Year. (Awards Recap)

🎮 Where's My Controller?

  1. I picked up Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and well, it was fun, felt very Final Fantasy, but all I can think about while playing it is, its basically Dark Souls Final Fantasy Edition.
  2. I also picked up Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and its a ton of fun, I fully recomend it.

🎵 Turn it up to 11!

  1. One thing about Final Fantasy, is its music is always larger than life. The very first boss battle, gives us alook at a dubstep layered, ochestral piece that really punches above its weight class. Check out the Chaos Shrine OST on YouTube. (YouTube)

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