New Videos, New Written Pieces, and more Changes Coming To Void0!

Hey everyone! I know this blog has been a bit bare recently. Between my currently job, and splitting my time between YouTube and here has been a a tad bit overwhelming.

With that said, over the course of the next month, I am preparing new changes to Void0's Social Media and content pipelines.

It has been challenging keeping up with both the sheer amount of game releases and new games I've been playing from my backlog. I wanted to have deep dives into the games I've been playing.

In the past, I opted to narrowly focus on specific aspects of the game's I've been playing, such as "How Subnautica Immerses You with its Compelling Narrative and Gorgeous World Building"  (YouTube, Written Piece) and "Firewatch: A Masterclass in Writing & Narrative Interaction" (YouTube, Written Piece). The people spoke and they did not like these.

It was unfortunate as I enjoyed looking at these games in more analytical perspective. It just didn't seem to land the way I wanted it too. I do enjoy talking about games in this way.

The small reviews I've written, particularly for "Can A Capitalist Save The World? Scrooge McDuck Thinks so! - DuckTales: Remastered Review" (YouTube, Written Piece) did well. I wrote another review for Pacman 99, but the full length review did poorly. However, the sub 1-minute version of the review did exceptionally well.

YouTube Conclusion

The shorter format reviews seems to be a good jumping in point, and I will focus on generating more content using that format as a way of bringing new persons into the Void.

Longer form analyitical videos will at this time take a backseat. I will continue to produce reviews of recently released games and games on my backlog.

Finally, I originally wanted to avoid making weekly videos. However, I find it is necessary. There are often things I want to speak about or just say my thoughts on that does not require a full fledged video or post.

The Void0 MiniCast which originally appeared with "New Pokemon Snap: My Thoughts and Wishlist! Void0 Minicast" (YouTube) will now become VoidCAST. A weekly video and podcast where I simply talk about my slice of the gaming bubble. This will not exclusively speak about recently releases, and I will spend more time talking about things that excite me in gaming for that particular week or that I finally got time to look over.

YouTube Pipeline (as of May, 2021)

+ Short Form 'Reviews' (Twice a week)
+ Reviews (Whenever I'm done with it)
+ New Format: VoidCAST (Weekly)

Void0 Site

For now, this blog will play host to all the transcripts from the videos, with the exception of the VoidCAST, which will be done using a new section of the site. Which is still under construction.

The front page of the site will also now have a 'Site Updates' section at the top which will indicate posts such as these. Where I go more indepth about what is going on behind the scenes of a Void0, as well as providing you with updates as it relates to content drops.

More changes are coming to the website. Using the built in system of our Ghost CMS, we are preparing a Membership part of the site. The membership is currently free, but in the future there will be a Paid Tier, though it might be just how you can support Void0. I am still on the fence about what kind of content can be locked behind the pay wall. In the mean time, please sign up for our free membership. This will allow you to get updates, new posts, and potentially other goodies delievered straight to your email.

Will you answer the call of the Void? (Bottom Right-hand Corner.)

Social Media

I will continue to update YouTube. This will be my only other Social Media.

I am also mulling over the creation of a Discord Server. However, I am still working out the issues surrounding it for now. But it is something that will be deployed in the future.


I have a lot of great changes, already implemented, and soon to be coming.

Once I have established a clear path for the new content pipelines, I will be able to focus on expanding and providing you, Those who have Answered The Call, better value and better content.

Please feel free to signup and become part of Those who have Answered The Call.